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A surprise addition to one of my music rooms. This ridiculously cool, one of a kind, artisan made “drum” from Funky Upbeat Designs.
Every single one of my favorite drummers hand etched into a drum kit. Compliments of my much, much better-half who even made sure the stain matched the woodwork. Check out my friends, Darren and Leigh at @funkyupbeatdesigns for some of the coolest wall art, furniture and fixtures made from repurposed instruments. Cheers!


As if I wasn't excited enough about the extremely unique products offered, the sellers blew my mind with their customer service and by expressing genuine interest in my expectations. They went above and beyond to expedite the shipping so it would arrive on time for Father's Day. They made sure to keep in contact throughout the whole buying/shipping process - it was an experience unmatched. I will be ranting & raving about this shop and the endearing husband+wife duo that are the brains behind the beauty!


MY GOD IT'S BEAUTIFUL! My good friends at Funky Upbeat Designs built me an incredible snare drum wall clock for the studio! I am beyond blown away with how they were able to capture all the fine details in this incredibly detailed piece. The craftsmanship and design of this clock is stunning and I can't thank you both enough for making this a reality!! Go and check out their page and follow their work. The artistry and elegance far exceeds words. LOVE THIS TEAM.


Hey you guys!! Thank you so much for the beautiful David Bowie Drum Shelf.  My daughter is going to be thrilled! Love all of your pieces and what a pleasure it was to meet you both!!


Just ordered our first custom piece from Funky Upbeat Designs. What a concept!!! These guys are great. Eager to please and make your dreams a reality. Looking for something in or OFF beat. Check them out!!


I vote Funky Upbeat Designs, "Best Vendor" at the Markham Music Festival.Great to meet you both. Loved your booth. Loved your products. Great chatting with you.


Thank you, from The Ridgeway Fall Festival. Excellent ideas, love the products. Looks great on the wall!


So happy! Love the repurposing of used instruments! As promised I will send you a photo of my son’s reaction! Many thanks!


Received a custom made clock as a gift from Funky Upbeat Designs. Absolutely love how unique it is and that it is handmade and up-cycled.


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